​Summer was raised in Southern California, where her dad drove her to school each day in a huge, loud work truck. She used to wish she could just be dropped off in a normal car, but now she’s grateful for the experience she had watching her father progress from a fencing installer to a high end general contractor and welder. To this day, the smell of sawdust and walking through job sites brings her joy. 


As an undergrad, Summer studied psychology and quickly started a family. While her kids were small she taught herself to sew and developed a love for textiles to satisfy her innate need to create. Despite small budgets, she always worked to make her home a place that was beautiful and functional for a young family.


When a friend asked for Summer's help designing a room in her home it was the spark that she needed to pursue her passion. She enrolled in an Interior Design program through Parsons School of Design and has immersed herself in learning the technical side of design ever since. 

Summer lives in Roswell, Georgia with her husband Travis, four kids: Finley, Nash, Dawson, & Greta, and goldendoodle Pennie.  

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We believe how a home feels matters and we want to help you transform the way you live in yours.

At Prescott Design, we believe that your home should feel livable and harmonious.

We love to balance fresh and modern elements with classic and timeless design. Our aesthetic is clean, bright, and layered.

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