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Our primary goal was to refresh the exterior of this home to reflect our clients taste and to achieve a more timeless and authentic blend of elements. We've always been drawn to the charm of European architecture, so we looked for ways to incorporate materials such as natural stone, brick, and copper in a fresh palette. Most importantly, the changes needed to make sense with the elevation of the home so it appeared as though it had always been this way.




Remove all existing flaqstone veneer, window headers and banding

Replace with soldier stack brick above the windows

Install vertical board and batten siding above the porch up to roofline then switch to lap siding

Replace the foyer window with a new arch shape and grid pattern

Install natural limestone, light in tone, with subtle color variation on one full section. Thick and over-grouted for an aged look.

Rebuild the porch steps the full width of the porch in red brick instead of flagstone

Remove shingles from the porch roof and install raised seam copper roof

Replace front door with full height double doors and french brass handleset

Install custom arched garage doors in clear stained cedar

Paint the brick with Romabio masonry flat paint


We liked the style of the existing garage doors, but they were damaged and needed to be replaced. Because we planned to paint the brick, we decided to add warmth with natural cedar doors and used the opportunity to design a new door style that would compliment the other changes to the exterior.



The front door was also damaged and ready for an update. We removed the sidelights and transom and replaced the entire door system with full height double doors. What a difference! We wanted the exterior of the door to be painted for that European appeal, but we wanted the inside to be a light stained wood to match the hardwood floors. In order to meet these specifications, we designed the doors to be constructed of white oak and had them custom made locally.

The front steps needed to match the scale of the new double doors so we had them widened to match the width of the entire porch landing. We chose to have the steps constructed with brick instead of stone and left them unpainted so they would stand up to foot traffic. The red brick also paired beautifully with the new copper roof above the porch.



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